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Retirement strategy? Relocate!

Unlike earlier generations of retirees who paid off their mortgages and retired in their family home, today’s Baby Boomers are looking to capitalize on home equity to enhance their retirement savings. If you’re thinking how relocating might stretch your retirement dollar, below are a few points you should consider before relocating, downsizing, or trading up:


  1. Speak with your spouse or partner first, even if you think you’re both of the same mind. Don’t assume that you’re in agreement. When the moment to make the leap comes, feelings may change.


  1. Consider the cost-of-living in a different part of the country. There’s a pretty big swing between rural Florida and urban San Francisco, for example. This might also mean factoring fuel costs if you’re moving into an area where you’re likely to spend more time driving.


  1. Consider whether your plans are realistic. For example, could you really live in a 1-bedroom condo after spreading out for years in your present 4-bed/3-bath?


  1. How much will the ease and pleasure of retirement depend on family and friends? What are the pros/cons of moving nearer/farther away? Conversely: Are there any detriments to moving closer to younger family members? (I.e. are you ready to open a free grandkid-sitting service?)


  1. Consider the potential impact of capital gains if you have substantial equity in your home— speak with a tax professional. This is especially true if you’re downshifting from ownership into a rental market.


Relocating to a more affordable area as well as to a smaller home is a strong strategy. But real estate values and property taxes can vary immensely by locale, even within the same state. Research thoroughly. Also, you want to spend significant time in the location to make sure its compatible with your lifestyle, pace, and interests.


If you’re thinking about relocating or know someone who would like to speak to a local agent about relocation plans, please pass along my information. I would be honored to serve your friends and family:


Looking to Sell Your Rental?

While you may be perfectly happy with your investment property, a lot of landlords are looking to get out now. Timing is just about perfect. Here’s why:

1. The housing recovery is real. If you thought about selling in the past, but faces the prospect of depressed prices and a surplus of homes on the market, all of that has changed dramatically.

2. Inventory in your property’s neighborhood is low. What used to be a buyer’s market has shifted considerably towards a seller’s market.

3. Mortgage rates remain favorable for buyers, so we’re seeing a lot of first-time buyers enter the market. Many are interested in a property just like yours.

4. Though rental rates have risen, it’s actually driving more and more people to buy.

5. Now is a good time to think about your future plans for the property and what you might like to do with the proceeds from the sale. If there are personal expenses ahead or you’d like to enjoy some of the fruits of your sound investment, the market is ready.

I have a network of associates who would be very interested to hear your property is about to be listed, so if you think it makes sense for us to have a conversation about selling, please get in touch at your earliest convenience.

Ready to downsize?

Thought I might float an idea by you regarding any plans you may have for your future home. Are you like some of my clients? They have recently looked into downsizing now that their kids are out of the house, or have considered investing in second homes. One of the more popular options has been condos and town homes, especially in walkable, urban-like areas such as the Carmel Art District or even in booming Noblesville.

I don’t know if it’s something you’ve considered, but there are a number of benefits to condo and loft living. It’s a great way to take the majority of home maintenance issues off your back while maintaining the equity-building benefits of owning property.

Additionally, the lofts and condos selling these days are gorgeous compared to the “apartment style” condos of years ago. We’re seeing a lot of refurbished classic industrial buildings, amazing views, and quality amenities in these newer projects.

The draw for several of the people I’ve consulted with centers on having convenient access to shops, restaurants, museums, theaters, farmers’ markets, and other car-free destinations. Some have even bought lofts in other cities for the express purpose of renting out their property to vacationers when they’re not using it.

If you ever have any interest in pursuing something like this, or even would like to take a look at what modern loft living looks like these days, I’d be glad to give you a tour of the local market, or even connect you with someone in a city you’ve been considering.

To those with the unsold home

If you’re in a situation where your home hasn’t sold yet, then I’d like to fix that for you.

Let me ask you: Did you feel like your agent abandoned you? Were you often left in the dark about what, exactly, was going on with your home? Did you then feel trapped by your long listing agreement?

Unfortunately, it’s a common problem. I personally feel that if I’m in charge of helping you sell one of your biggest investments, you deserve service and communication on par with your investment. Here’s what I promise you, should you decide to work with me on getting your home sold:

1. I will always take your call six days a week from 8AM until 7PM. (I take Sundays off.) If I am unable to answer, I’ll call you back within 60 minutes, guaranteed. You can test me on that any time. Just call and say, “Hey, you have an hour to call me back.”

2. A minimum of once per week I will give you a status update via phone or email about what’s going on with the sale of your home.

3. Our listing agreement will only be 45 days long.

4. You can fire me any time you’re unsatisfied.

Sound good? Let’s get your house sold. Give me a call or email me today!