To those with the unsold home

If you’re in a situation where your home hasn’t sold yet, then I’d like to fix that for you.

Let me ask you: Did you feel like your agent abandoned you? Were you often left in the dark about what, exactly, was going on with your home? Did you then feel trapped by your long listing agreement?

Unfortunately, it’s a common problem. I personally feel that if I’m in charge of helping you sell one of your biggest investments, you deserve service and communication on par with your investment. Here’s what I promise you, should you decide to work with me on getting your home sold:

1. I will always take your call six days a week from 8AM until 7PM. (I take Sundays off.) If I am unable to answer, I’ll call you back within 60 minutes, guaranteed. You can test me on that any time. Just call and say, “Hey, you have an hour to call me back.”

2. A minimum of once per week I will give you a status update via phone or email about what’s going on with the sale of your home.

3. Our listing agreement will only be 45 days long.

4. You can fire me any time you’re unsatisfied.

Sound good? Let’s get your house sold. Give me a call or email me today!


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