Getting the most out of open houses

Finding a house you want to call home usually means touring open houses, especially if you want to have first crack at new listings as they come on the market. Many prime properties will receive offers after their first open house, so there’s an advantage to preparing for open house weekends in advance. Below are a few tips I thought you might find helpful:

1. Start checking Thursday/Friday for open houses. Since most happen on the weekend, you’ll want to scoop the newest ones by checking online. 

2. Group listings by your preferred neighborhood(s) to maximize the number of houses you see and minimize your “commute” time between listings. Most online tools will be able to show you nearby homes on a map.

3. Take notes at the open house. Don’t be afraid to whip out your smartphone to jot down notes or even take pictures. After a few homes, features can begin to blend together, and you might forget details by the time you’re done.

4. Spend some time immediately after discussing and ranking the homes you toured. Sometimes a simple pro/con analysis can help you narrow the search and inform what to focus on during your next tour.

5. If you find a home you like, don’t wait to write an offer! Get in touch immediately and we can make sure that perfect home isn’t snapped up before it’s too late.

With a plan in place, you can see a wider variety of homes and be prepared to make informed decisions.




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