How to avoid home-hunting embarrassment

Mortgage pre-qualification. Why does it matter? Let me see if I can frame it this way…

Has ever happened to you? You’re out with friends and decide to grab dinner. There’s a new place in town you’ve heard is fantastic.  Rave reviews, amazing cuisine.  Everyone’s excited.

You drive over, pay for parking, and sure enough, there’s a crowd. The atmosphere is perfect, the menu looks incredible.  Mouths water, you can’t wait. You step up to put your name on the list and the hostess says:

“Name for your reservation?”

Reservation?  I had no idea they were required!”  Awkward apologies.  They’re booked and you’re out of luck.  Not even a seat at the bar.  It’s embarrassing.  Your friends are disappointed.  So much for your recommendation.

It’s not so different when you’re thinking of buying a home and you haven’t spoken to a mortgage professional in advance.  You can search, find the right home, negotiate a contract… then uh-oh. You find out you aren’t qualified.

If you’re thinking about beginning a home search soon, let me help you avoid disappointment.  You’ll get a picture of your credit score, the type of rate you’d pay, plus get the chance to correct any errors or problems on your credit report.  A pre-qualification letter can have a direct impact on your ability to negotiate, too.

Would you like a list of mortgage professionals I know and personally trust?  Just email me at and I’d be glad to send you one.

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