Letter Template

Often we get stuck on how to reach out to someone in order to generate a lead, relationship and ultimately a sale. Here’s a nice template that I have used to turn a ‘cold’ lead into a ‘warm’ lead.


It’s been a little while since we last worked together. Might we have a chance to catch up soon?  A lot has changed in the market in the past few years, and I’d be interested to hear how you’ve been after we last had the privilege of helping you [with the sale of your home / find your home / with your transaction].

I also wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the decision you made when you put your trust in [company name].  Despite an extremely challenging economic climate, we’ve been lucky enough to weather the storm and continue to provide clients across [region name] with professional real estate services.  Our ability to do so today is directly attributable to the trust you, like other clients, placed in us in the past.

Given that we haven’t connected recently, would you be interested in a free situational analysis of your current real estate position?  We’ve helped a number of clients recently with sales, refinancing, market valuations, homeowner’s insurance changes, and even investment purchases.

The headlines aren’t particularly helpful when it comes to painting a realistic picture of local market conditions.  If you’d like to see where you really sit and perhaps improve your position, I’d love to have a conversation.

In any case, drop me a line at your convenience and let me know how you’re doing.  Thanks again for your business.  Hope to chat soon.


[Signature / closing]


Did you find this template to be useful?

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