The Love of Life Learning

So much of our attention gets focused on the Internet as a tool for entertainment. While I enjoy streaming videos and social media as much as the next person, I’ve also found some incredible resources for free learning online. More and more companies, universities, and leaders in fields of business, technology, and literature are placing free courses online. Want to learn how to code? It’s out there. Want to learn a foreign language? You can do that, too.

Below is a list of some of my favorites, and hopefully you’ll share this list with others. I know that many of my real estate clients have enjoyed using some of these resources to brush up on helping their kids with their homework as well as taking the time out to learn a few things about new software and tech tools.

Free courses across a wide range of disciplines from leading universities like Duke, Stanford, Princeton, Georgia Tech, and more.

College-level courses from Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley, including great science and software classes.

Over 3,200 video lessons focusing on concepts in math, science, finance & economics, humanities, and various test preparation strategies. Perfect for both kids and adults to learn at the same time.

A social community where you can learn from others and teach what you know. A very cool tool for online teaching, and a great crowd-sourced, real-world resource.

One of the best, original software learning centers online. Focuses on tutorials and creative applications, primarily. (Some of it isn’t free.)

Want to learn something about real estate? I’d be glad to teach you! It’s what I do. Whether you’re curious about the home buying process, or want to know what your home is worth, I can help.

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