Should Your Clients Get An Inspection On a New Construction?

Many buyers think since they are purchasing a brand new home an inspection is not necessary. “Shouldn’t a newly constructed home be perfect & safe?”Many builders are very conscientious and make few mistakes, but they are human and sometimes things get installed improperly or missed. Also, even though the home may be checked by municipal inspectors for code, there may be other problems with the home that are not code violations but have serious problems for the homeowner.


An inspection will just provide another set of objective eyes checking things over. We offer the service of being those extra set of eyes. We offer inspections through the building process. Below is an in-depth breakdown of our 3 Phase new construction inspections we offer and the prices.

Phase I – – Foundation

Basement – We need to come out after the forms (walls) are poured and before they backfill. (Before they backfill is KEY!)
Slab – We need to come out after the exterior foundation walls are completed and the plumbing rough-ins are installed but before the concrete slab is poured.
Crawl Space – We need to come out after the foundation is built but before backfilling and framing begins.

Phase II — Pre-Drywall
This phase involves coming out to check the electrical, plumbing, heat and framing. We usually come out 1 to 3 days prior to the drywall being hung.

Phase III — Final Home Inspection
This phase involves coming out after the building process is complete. We recommend scheduling this 1 to 3 days prior to your walk-thru with the builder. At this point, we are pretty well assured that the house is complete and the client still has time to address any possible issues with the builder prior to closing. This would also be the time a radon would be done if that is a service your client is requesting.

(this article was provided by Cornerstone Inspection Services)


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