Playing the Host to Out-of-Town Guests

I’m going to be hosting a house guest of my own very soon. So in anticipation of their arrival I’ve written a post on the very topic. Hope you enjoy!

I have found that by going the extra mile when hosting out-of-town guests you can truly reflect the charms of the town. Here are some handy tips I like to share with clients who have friends or family coming into town to stay.



For the guest room:

* Clear out a nice space for their items. Even a section of a closet or a dedicated set of shelves / drawers will help them feel welcome.
* Fresh flowers are a great way to make an average guest room seem like a little dose of “B&B” treatment.
* Provide local information on the nightstand; local maps, history  and points of interest are great ideas.



On arrival:

* Giving guests a spare set of keys and showing them how to use the alarm (if you have one) is a great way to make sure they can come and go as they please.
* People are often starving after a long day on the road! Have some food available as soon as your friends arrive.
* Let them know “what’s mine is yours” right away. Books, blankets, whatever they need. Don’t assume they’ll ask or feel comfortable with your possessions.

While they’re staying:

* Take them food shopping at a local specialty store. If they like to cook, plan to make a meal together. It can be intimate, relaxing, and affordable.
* Go beyond the tourist destinations! Show them “how locals do.”
* If they drink, offering a little “wind me down” cocktail at night is nice.
* If it doesn’t break the bank, find small, local souvenirs you can send them home with.


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