The Cost of a Commute

Do you ever wish you lived closer to work?  Some of the happiest people I know have the shortest commutes.  Traffic stress, the cost of gasoline, and the hours wasted on the road take their toll.

Well, if you’ve ever been looking for a reason to move closer to your work, this might just send you over the edge.  The truth is, it could be a major financial mistake not to cut a long commute out of your life.

This eye-opening infographic from shows you how much more home you can afford when you eliminate a long commute from your life.  From their math, it looks to be anywhere from $15,900 (1 mile reduction) to an astonishing $477,000 (30 mile reduction)!

While you might have some arguments against their assumptions, I think the graphic is useful all the same:  It gets you thinking about how you value your time and the “hidden costs” of a long drive to your livelihood!

Check out the infographic for yourself:

Thinking it might be time to move closer to your job? I work with families relocating all the time, and would love to help you sell your current home and find a perfect upgrade closer to work! Contact me today: 317.223.8015,


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