The Big MOVE


The chaos of moving day is a prime time to forget or misplace essential items.  When you’re preparing for the big move to your new home, the following items are some of the most overlooked (and the most sorely missed in a time of need!).

To prevent the hassle and heartbreak of forgotten possessions and lost information, make a check list  containing the following items:

1. Jewelry, watches, and small valuables:  These small, expensive and often irreplaceable items are best kept in a safe deposit box or kept with trustworthy friends or relatives on moving day.

2. Garage door opener:  The old one won’t be of much use at your new house, will it? Be sure to leave it behind for the new owners.  Also, make sure the old owners of your new house give you theirs!

3. Spare keys:  Sets to your old house should remain with the new owners, but don’t forget sets to the new house!  There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving at your new place without a way to get in.

4. Old address books:  Yes, we all have fancy new smartphones, but it seems like families all have a well-worn phone book stashed in a spice drawer somewhere.  These are practically family heirlooms of information, so don’t leave them behind.

5. Unfinished errands:  Do you have any clothes at the dry cleaner?  Books due to the library?  What about other video game or DVD rentals?  It can be a real hassle to settle up on these items from 100 miles away, right? Get it handled!

6. Medical records:  While a lot of medical information is digital these days, you should make sure you don’t misplace your copies, including dental information and prescriptions.  It’s easy to lose them at the bottom of a hastily thrown-away box.

I make sure my clients’ experience selling their old home and moving into their new dream home is a smooth transition. If you’re interested in a hassle-free home selling experience, please get in touch today: Email me with any questions, comments or concerns! 

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